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Benefiting from our extensive knowledge in diverse markets, we specialize in providing a wide array of chemical supplies to various sectors within Iraq. Our unmatched expertise ensures seamless and efficient delivery, tailored to the unique demands of the Iraqi market.

Comprehensive Chemical Supplies, Delivered Your Way

Building on our rich history of servicing the Iraqi markets, we leverage our extensive network to source the ideal suppliers for your specific needs. Beyond just identifying the right products, we facilitate their delivery right to your desired destination.

Global Deliveries Tailored for Iraq

Benefiting from our extensive knowledge in diverse markets, we specialize in providing a wide array of chemical supplies to various sectors within Iraq. Our unmatched expertise ensures seamless and efficient delivery, tailored to the unique demands of the Iraqi market.

Our History

Founded in 2012, our company draws on a wealth of expertise rooted in the 90s, setting a solid reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality chemical supplies. Our unwavering commitment to customer service, coupled with our extensive industry knowledge, distinctly sets us apart.

Our History

Throughout the past three decades, we have expanded our operations to cater to international markets, supplying customers in various industries with their chemical needs. We have particularly honed our skills in navigating complex global logistics, including shipping supplies to Iraq.

Our Vendors

We maintain partnerships with leading vendors worldwide. This global network enables us to source high-quality chemicals tailored to meet industry-specific requirements.

Our Services

Global Shipping

Our extensive distribution network supports delivery to any global location, ensuring your products reach their destination safely and promptly.


We offer secure warehousing services, providing storage solutions for your chemical supplies across various international locations, including Iraq

Special Orders

We cater to unique business requirements through our special order service, allowing for specific chemical or quantity requests that aren’t typically available.

Local Shipping and Logistics

From our vendors to your chosen location, we manage all aspects of the shipping process to guarantee a smooth delivery experience.

Products We Always Ship

Industrial Chemicals

We provide a wide selection of industrial chemicals used across a variety of sectors. Our offerings include solvents, acids, bases, and more, all complying with stringent quality standards.

Laboratory Chemicals

We also offer a range of laboratory chemicals suitable for research, development, and quality control applications. Our selection includes reagents, test solutions, and more.

Custom Chemical Blends

Understanding the unique needs of different industries, we offer custom chemical blends tailored to your specific requirements.

Beauty and Perfume Chemicals

Our portfolio extends to specialty chemicals used in the beauty and perfume industries. We supply everything from essential oils to synthetic aroma chemicals, ensuring premium quality ingredients for your products.

Products as such

Sulfuric acid
sodium dodecyl sulphate
caustic sodium hydroxide
chloride powder
Everything is provided

Diverse Industry Applications of Our Supplied Chemicals

Our chemical supply services are designed to support the functioning and growth of these diverse industries. Our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction ensures that we deliver products that meet the specific needs of our clients, irrespective of the industry they operate in.

Applications Such

Chemical Manufacturing

We supply a broad range of industrial chemicals, which serve as the backbone of countless manufacturing processes. Our products guarantee the creation of safe, high-quality, and innovative goods for the market.

Beauty and Cosmetics

Our range of specialty chemicals, including essential oils and synthetic aroma chemicals, are critical to the creation of various beauty and cosmetic products. We assure the highest quality and safety, contributing to the beauty and well-being of countless consumers worldwide.

Plastics and Polymers

We provide essential chemicals for the manufacture of diverse plastic and polymer products. Our offerings support the creation of durable, innovative, and safe plastic products that find use in numerous applications.

Water Treatment

These include coagulants, flocculants, disinfectants, and pH adjusters, all crucial for purifying and sterilizing water. By supplying these high-quality chemicals, we play a part in ensuring clean, safe water supplies and contributing to global health and environmental sustainability.

Food and Beverage

Our food-grade chemicals are used in numerous applications within the food and beverage industry, including preservatives, flavor enhancers, and coloring agents. These are all crucial for the delivery of safe, enjoyable, and high-quality food and beverage products.

Textiles and Dyes

Our chemicals are used in the textile industry for various processes such as dyeing, printing, and finishing. We support the creation of vibrant, durable, and eco-friendly textiles that meet global demand.

Cleaning and Sanitation

We supply a variety of compounds integral to the production of cleaning and sanitation products. Our products help ensure a clean, safe, and hygienic environment in homes, workplaces, and public spaces.

Perfume Industry

We provide an array of natural and synthetic raw materials used in the creation of perfumes. Our offerings form the fundamental components for perfumes, enabling the creation of signature scents that captivate the senses.


Our chemicals are vital to the agriculture sector, providing essential nutrients for crop growth, and protection against pests and diseases. We contribute to food security and sustainability by supporting efficient and safe agricultural practices.

Paints and Coatings

We supply chemicals integral to the production of paints and protective coatings. Our products enable the creation of high-quality finishes that protect and beautify various surfaces.

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